Monday, June 7, 2010

Mad Tea Party

Instead of a traditional Baby Shower, we had a Mad Tea Party at the Z Mansion in honor of our friend Faith's new addition.

I made all of the invitations and each one was different. I used lots of bright colors and different patterned paper for each hat. It was so hard to choose which one to keep for myself!

The inside of the invitation included this poem that I wrote:

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
Go dust off your Fancy Hat!
To Z-Mansion you will fly,
For a Mad Tea Party, my, oh my!
This is a celebration, of course,
A Very Merry Pre-Birthday, of sorts.
Ivy’s sister is on her way
June 7th, a Monday, is our soiree!
Tea Party dress is the preferred attire
But lucky you, no gifts desired!
Fancy Hats cannot be blandish
Prizes for the most outlandish!
Hope you can join us, please save the date
5:30 sharp, and don't be late!

The Z Mansion's Carriage House was the perfect place for our party! It has a wonderful history and my favorite feature was that this single room had 5 different doors - much like Alice herself encountered :)! As you can see, we chose to use fun bright colors, hung paper lanterns of all different sizes, lit lots of candles, and created funky flower arrangements using various tea pots and other outlandish accessories!

I made most of the food for the event. We had tea sandwiches (including cucumber, of course!), scones with lemon curd (YUM), petit fours, fruit, and veggies.

Maggie made the most amazing red velvet and lemon cupcakes and colored the cream cheese frosting to coordinate with our theme.

Rather than traditional party games, we decided to have a Fancy Hat Contest - look at these super fancy hats! (Mine was the yellow top hat with kitties on top)

Although shopping at estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores for the teacups was so much fun; it was an even bigger treat to see everyone's faces when we told them that the teacups that they chose to use for the tea party were theirs to take home as a gift!

And here we are, tea cups in hand... Pinkie's up, Ladies!  

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