Friday, January 24, 2014

Tangled/Rapunzel Party on a Budget

My niece, "Blondie", requested a Tangled/Rapunzel Party for her 7th Birthday and we made it our mission to stay under $200. Which we accomplished by a lot of DIY and Dollar Store finds!

The cupcakes were all baked and frosted at home and we used Wilton ready made candy flowers (using 40% off coupons at Michaels). For a little extra fun, we braided yarn into 4 foot lengths and hot glued on little ribbon roses.

I just had to show off the Birthday Girl's special cupcake :)
I didn't take any good close ups of the fabulous Rapunzel halos! So bummed! These were the easiest project, EVER! Using star wired garland for the headband I just estimated the average munchkin's head size and wound the edges together at the back. Then, I cut LONG lengths of curling ribbons in three shades of yellow and looped them over the back like a topsy tail. The final step was to cut some cheap daisies off of their bunches (on sale at Michaels) and hot glued them to finish the ponytail. The girls LOVED them. I must admit that I wore one all day, as well :)

These adorable frying pans were used as cake plates and were a HUGE hit! We simply hot glued plastic forks to the underside of the small cake plates (all from the dollar store) and VOILA! Instant frying pans!

For Pin the Pan on Flynn Rider, there was a little printing, and a LOT of cutting! This is why we have teenagers, right?!

For the final game, we used crepe paper (another dollar store find) and had a race to see which team could get the most tangled in 2 minutes! This game was so much fun, the kids kept playing long after the game was over!

Overall, it was a huge success and the kids had the BEST.DAY.EVER!

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