Monday, June 25, 2012

Emma's Purple Monkey Party

When you ask a kid what they want for their birthday party theme, the answer is often suprising. In this case, my client's daughter, Emma's response was "A Purple Monkey Party"! And a Purple Monkey Party is exactly what she got!

The invitations were one of my favorite parts of this party. I made them all by hand and LOVE how they turned out (although the photo is really crummy)...

We decided on a Banana Split Bar, instead of the traditional cake and ice cream and the kids LOVED IT!
I fancied up the whipped cream and chocolate syrup containers to match the decor.

Then, I put all of the toppings in pretty glass jars...

And a little iced tea & lemonade in my favorite decanters finished off the refreshments...

We played a fun round of Pin the Tail on the Monkey (I drew the silly monkey myself)

and each kid left with a Funky Monkey Cup (with sweet little lavender bows) as a party favor.

We had a great time "monkeying around"! 

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